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Dianella Tasmanica Prosser River

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A delightful and rewarding plant, it is an evergreen rhizomatous perennial with green strappy sword-shaped leaves that relatively quickly forms a large clump resembling a miniature Phormium. The foliage is softer in texture to a Phormium and a richer shade of green and is sometimes suffused at the base - particularly in Autumn - with a reddish colouration. 

Essentially a foliage plant, Dianella tasmanica does have interesting small dark-blue flowers in the summer which are followed by violet-blue berries.

In the UK, Dianella tasmanica does best in a warm and sheltered position in sun with dappled or part-shade. It appreciates a rich well-drained but moist soil and will quickly form a handsome clump. Highly recommended.