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Nasturtium Orchid Cream

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Orchid-like flowers open a cream to pale yellow shade splashed in red. Over time, the cream color shifts towards pink and carmine red tones. The final flower color will vary by temperature and intensity of light. The 12 in. high mounding plants are covered in blooms in various states of colour transition.

Nasturtium prefers a full sun location but will tolerate some light shade with flowering reduced. Average well-drained soil produces the best growth, fertilize sparingly for more flowers. Keep plants well watered as this helps to moderate the spiciness of the leaves and flowers. If plants show signs of decline or become leggy during the summer, cut them back lightly and they will produce new growth for the remainder of the season.

Supplied as established plants in 1 Litre pots.

Deliveries commence mid to late April 2022