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Nigrum - Allium Bulbs

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Allium 'Nigrum' is a robust, frost hardy, clump forming perennial. Thrives best in half to full sun, with well-drained soil. Ideal for the herbaceous border. It has vivid white flowers with a green central eye, slightly bigger than a tennis ball cut in half.

Often refered to as the broad leaved leek this Middle Easten variety of wild onion is odourless and is grown more for its flowers. The unusual flower forms can be landscaped in formal beds or as part of a perennial planting project.

When you buy your stock of allium nigrum consider companion planting with allium purple sensation.

When planted with other allium species such as Aflatuense, Christophii and Purple Sensation they create a perfect haven for bumblebees and our one native specie of honeybee which are sadly in danger.

These flower bulbs are available to order now for delivery from 1st week in September.