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Nordmann Fir

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  • Caring for your tree

The Nordmann Fir is the king of Christmas trees, its needles will stay attached throughout the festive season.Available in sizes from 4ft to 10ft we have a tree to suit every home and location.

Easily the number one non-drop Christmas tree, even when it starts to dry out the Nordmann will hold on to it's needles relentlessly.

A very symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing tree.


  • Symmetrical 'pyramid' shape.
  • Firm, strong branches ( great for hanging decorations on).
  • Soft needles (Not spiky)

Order here and your choice of tree size will be delivered to your door on a day to suit your requirements.

If you’ve decided to place your Christmas tree indoors, you should know how to take proper care of it. Every plant has its own special requirements and the Nordmann Fir is no exception. Here are a few very simple tips on how to preserve a Nordmann Fir Christmas tree around the holidays:

  1. Cut the stem.
    Once your supplier delivers your Nordmann Fir Christmas tree, use a saw to cut about 5 centimetres of the stem.
  2. Put the tree in a container full of water right away.
    Make sure to keep your tree hydrated with water. You don’t need to add any commercially made mixes to it.
  3. Monitor the container.
    You have to make sure to always have water in contact with the stem.
  4. Avoid heat sources.
    Never place your tree near heat sources such as a fireplace, electric heaters, air conditioners, etc.