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Norway Spruce - Trim Cut

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The Norway Spruce has long been considered the essential British Christmas tree since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert popularised the idea of bringing Christmas trees into the home.

The Norway Spruce is a firm favourite in the UK due to its wonderful shape and distinctive forest scents. It is an especially popular Christmas tree and makes a superb and ideal focal point due to its commanding height and full Conical shape. 

Norway Spruce has foliage that is dense and spikey with a vibrant green colour that stands out beautifully against the yoru traditional winter colours. Needles can be quite sharp on fresh trees so care is recommended when manoeuveing your tree into position and decorating.

The Norway Spruce does tend to lose its needles once the tree starts to dry out, hence it is very important to keep it properly watered once cut to ensure the best needle retention.