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Pataks Smoky Tandoori Skewers 150G

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Pataks Smoky Tandoori Skewers 150G are individual Sachets of Tandoori Marinade, Mint & Coriander Chutney, and Bamboo Skewers


Patak's Streetfood Kits range help you to re-create your own authentic Indian street food dishes in 3 simple steps. Each pack contains a Patak's marinade to give a rich, depth of flavour. Skewers to allow your chosen meat or vegetables to be grilled & a delicious chutney to add the finishing touch.


The tandoori marinade has an abundance of Indian spices and flavours:



Known as the "King of Spices" in India. Black pepper is the whole dried fruit of an evergreen creeper and delivers a distinctive aroma and flavour.



Ginger is an underground root. In its fresh state it's most often used as pulp. Adding it to a dish will add a distinct flavour with a pungent fresh aroma.


Dried Red Chilli:

Chillies range in heat from mild to every hot. The heat comes from capsaicin in their seeds and inner white membrane. Dairy helps with mellowing spice.



Black & green cardamom seeds have a powerful aroma that has distinct notes of pepper & ginger. They both pack a flavour punch but the larger black seeds have a delicious smoky flavour.


On every street corner from Mumbai to Punjab, you will find an array of bustling food stalls filling the air with wonderful aromas. This is where locals gather to chit, chat and chai! Every region boasts its own specialties with their own unique flavours and textures, so the options are endless.


This Smoky Tandoori Street Food Kit is inspired by the hustle and bustle of the streets across the cities of the Punjab state. Famous for delicious, quick & tasty delights on every street corner, skewers are an ever present dish in Punjab with a wide variety of proteins, vegetables and spices bringing the dish to life.



Chilli rating - medium - 2

Cooking time 15 minutes

This product must be cooked

Suitable for vegetarians