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Ursinum (Wild Garlic)

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A very popular native variety grown in semi shaded and woodland areas, commonly known as wild garlic, producing round head of star-like flowers. The flowers are a clear white and are present from April to June. The stem is from 10cm to 50cm high and is yellowish-green. The leaves are broad lancelet in shape, bright green and quite glossy. However, the most distinctive feature of this plant is the strong smell of garlic it gives off when crushed.

Remember when you buy allium ursinum that they need to be planted in moist areas in semi to dark shaded or woodland settings.  PLant immediately upon receipt of goods.

Interesting Note: A wild relative of chives and native to Europe and Asia the richly scented flowers omits a strong garlic odour.  Commonly referred to as ransoms, wood garlic and bears garlic will naturalise in woodlands and moist, shaded areas of the garden.

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