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Winter Hanging Basket Kits.

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Build your own hanging basket kits.

We will deliver to you all of the materials for you to build your own hanging basket full of winter colour, they will brighten up the dark days ahead.

Kit Comprises of:

  • 1 x 14" Hanging Basket with Liner
  • 1 x Bag potting grit
  • 1 x Bag compost with added water retention gel and plant food.
  • 1 x Heather 9cm Pot plant
  • 2 x Ivy 9cm Pot Plant
  • 3 x Pansy 9cm Pot Plant
  • 3 x Viola 9cm Pot Plants

Building Instructions.

  1. Make 4 drainage holes in the bottom of the liner.
  2. Place the hanging basket on a plant pot to support it.
  3. Put the potting grit in the bottom of the basket
  4. fill basket with compost to halfway
  5. arrange plants in basket to your design
  6. Fill any gaps between plants with the rest of the compost
  7. Water well
  8. Hang in a prominent place, keep watered and enjoy through the winter months.