Collection: Annuals and Biennials

These fast-growing, quick-flowering plants are easy to grow from seed and perfect for filling gaps in borders with short-term colour. Annuals grow, flower, set seed and die, all in the space of one year, while biennials grow in their first year and flower and set seed in their second year. 

Annuals and biennials often flower enthusiastically over a long period, from late spring to autumn. Native wildflowers create a naturalistic feel, especially among grasses, while more tender types are often bolder in form and colour and add drama to borders and containers

Most enjoy a sunny spot and light soil that warms up quickly in spring, so they can get off to an early, fast start. They need regular watering in the early stages and during dry spells.

With most annuals and biennials, you can collect the seeds at the end of their flowering season and sow the annuals the following spring and the biennials in early summer. This will give you lots of new plants for free.

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