• The Joys of a Real Christmas with a Real Tree

    A real Christmas tree is the quintessential festive experience, which not only provides branches of happiness, a trunk full of joy, and an entire green and natural canvas to decorate as per your whims and fancy. Read more about the joys of having a real Christmas tree in your home. 
  • A Picture-Perfect Christmas for Instagram

    Our previous blogs posts spoke about Christmas, the festive season, and ordering your Christmas tree early. Now that you are prepared for the mont...
  • Gear up your garden for the festive season

    Preparing for the festive season, understandably, can be daunting. But, fear not, for we are here to assist – in our trademark way. And whilst there is much that you can do in your home, our gardening experts can turn your frost-bitten wasteland into a winter wonderland. Here is how. 
  • Fresh Guide: Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

    There is just something about Christmas that makes you smile – even if you express annoyance or irritation at the various marketing gimmicks that ...
  • Your Winter Gardening Guide

    It is the simplicity of some statements, repeated enough through a movie or series, and often as the plot thickens or the lead character loses his...
  • Harvesting Home-grown Herbs

    We all love knowing that we can just go out into the garden and pick from an assortment of herbs to give our foods that added flavour, that punch, that sensory experience. Here's how to harvest home-grown herbs. 
  • Balcony Gardens – Getting you started

    Our loyal supporters (yes, you!) have made mention that some people don’t have the yard space or reside in apartments a few floors off the ground. As such, we decided to put this post together to give you some guidance on how to start a ‘balcony garden’ so that you, too, can have access to those amazing herbs, lovely flowers, and bug control in the form of that Venus Flytrap or citronella.
  • Spring flowering bulbs – a complete guide

    What are spring flowering bulbs and how do we grow them? In an effort to extend our gardening knowledge to you, we have broken the questions down in our easy-to-follow guide.
  • Gardening Lingo 101

    The names usually indicate the lifespan of the plants in question and whilst the annual ones tend to die on you before the year is up, perennials, in some cases, can outlive the average human lifespan.
  • Gardening Tips for Beginners

    Whilst common knowledge does dictate the most essential requirements, there are a lot more things to consider if you want your backyard to be flowery and picture-perfect.
  • New Areas of Service.

    On March 23rd, the entire nation was placed under lockdown, although expected, this measure created a multitude of issues. Panic buying ensued, pr...
  • Service Update

    Due to circumstances beyond our control, this weekends delivery of plants and flowers from the Netherlands has been delayed. We are expecting arriv...