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Boston Fern


This wonderful fern is happy is most light conditions, and likes moisture, so even happy in the bathroom! Height 30cm x Spread 30cm. Pot Diameter 12cm

Peace Lily


The peace lily is a popular easy to care for houseplant, and it is easy to see why with the white blooms offset against the long glossy green leaves. These blooms can start in spring and last for several months, slowly fading to green. Not only do these stylish plants look good but they also have the added benefit of...

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is well known as a succulent medicine plant. The sap contained within the foliage has been used for centuries as a healing gel and for a multitude of other medical ingredients. It is said that the sap contains antiseptic elements which can destroy bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is also thought to be effective in reducing inflammation and...

Spider Plant


The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is considered one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow. This plant can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffers from few problems, other than brown tips. The spider plant is so named because of its spider-like plants, or spiderettes, which dangle down from the mother plant like spiders...

Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray Gift Set


Keep luscious leaves gleaming with this Plantsmith Houseplant Cleanse and Shine Set. Dust and dirt can settle on foliage and block leaves from fully absorbing sunlight. Plantsmith Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray will keep your plants glowing, made with cold-pressed oils to condition leaves and grapefruit extract for anti-fungal protection. Also included is a re-usable organic cotton cloth to wipe away...

Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray


Clears built-up dust and grime from leaves. Cold-pressed natural oils act as a conditioner and enhances leaves natural shine. Grapefruit extract provides natural anti-fungal protection. 100% plant based, no palm oil, parabens or sodium benzoate.

Protecting Bug control Spray


Our Protecting Bug Control is a natural, ready-to-use spray designed to protect your plants from most common insects. Protects against pests such as whitefly, scale insect, red spider mite and greenfly Contains additional plant-boosting nutrients to strengthen houseplants that have been weakened by previous attacks Protects against mildew diseases Natural and non-toxic formulation – works via physical rather than chemical...

Invigorating Orchid Care Mist


Plantsmith Invigorating Orchid Care Mist contains 12 essential nutrients to boost orchid growth and enhance flowering. Orchids thrive in humid conditions so spraying regularly helps create a humid environment. With humic acid to aid growth, and natural oils to deter pests and help boost plant health for improved growth and resilience. For use on all orchids.

Nurturing Orchid Feed & Tonic


Plantsmith Nurturing Orchid Feed & Tonic is a professional formulation orchid feed with 12 essential plant-boosting nutrients. Orchids require feeding during growing season (March – September). For very best results, use every other watering. Inspired by high-potash, urea-free formulations used by professional growers. Suitable for all orchids.

Houseplant Care Gift Set


Take the mystery out of houseplant maintenance with this Plantsmith Houseplant Care Gift Set. Containing both a bottle of Houseplant Feed & Tonic and a bottle of Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist, this kit contains everything you need to keep your indoor greenery in top condition. Plantsmith design bespoke formulations that are inspired by professional growers and include all the essential...

Houseplant Fortifying Tonic


Plantsmith Fortifying Houseplant Tonic is a professional formulation houseplant food with 13 essential nutrients. Houseplants require feeding during growing season (March – September). With potassium, magnesium and iron for strong, glossy leaves and growth of beautiful, longer lasting flowers. Kelp extract to stimulate cell growth. Suitable for all houseplants and succulents. Why do I need to feed my houseplants? Unlike...

Houseplant Care Mist – Eco Refill Bottle


Eco refill bottle designed to refill you 500ml Plantsmith Houseplant Care Mist bottle. Bottle made from plant based polymer, sourced from a waste product of sugar cane, as well as recycled materials. Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist contains 17 essential Ingredients designed to promote good health with every spray. Aids growth, deters pests and helps boost plant health for improved growth and resilience....

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