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Blueberry "Top Hat"


Top Hat is the perfect Dwarf Blueberry Plant for container growing. The plant is self-fertile and maintains a perfect bush like shape that doesn't require pruning. Just 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall, these little beauties have a lovely, compact mounded shape that is loaded with white blossoms in the spring and red foliage in the fall. This little plant...

Gooseberry "Hinnonmaki Red"


This superb, traditional variety is easy to grow, has a good resistance to disease, and produces a heavy crop of fruit.  A beautiful red fruit colour. The outer skin is tangy while the flesh is sweet. These very productive plants are adaptable to various growing systems, hedge or ornamental. The sweet berries can be eaten fresh or baked in a...

Raspberry "Yummy"


Raspberry Yummy is a dwarf and compact variety that is incredibly easy to grow. Produces fruit in the first year so you won't have to wait around to sample the delicious deep red berries that crop over a long period throughout summer. Raspberry Yummy is ideally suited to a pot or container on the patio.With no clever pruning required to...

Raspberry "Sweet Sunshine"


This exceptional raspberry will produce lots of thornless, short-branched canes that grow to no more than 1 m (3 ft). The thick clump of canes produces heavy crops on established plants, and it’s an early cropper, starting to fruit in June. The fruit is deliciously plump and juicy and absolutely packed with flavour. Pluck them straight from the bush for a...

Raspberry "Glen Ample"


This Summer fruiting Raspberry is an exceptional, high yielding, mid-season variety that produces a heavy crop between late June and late July. The tasty fruit holds well without spoiling and the spine free canes make easy picking. The large, succulent berries are excellent eaten fresh or from frozen. Supplied Garden ready in 9cm liner pots.

Redcurrant "Rovada"


Renowned for its excellent quality and high yields. Rovada is a compact shrub producing clusters of pale green flowers in Spring. These are followed by a bountiful crop of large, edible, bright redcurrants which ripen in late summer. These juicy fruits can be used in numerous foods and drinks. This plant is self fertile. Supplied garden ready in 9cm liner...

Rhubarb "Raspberry Red"


A relatively new variety, producing thick red stalks and does not require forcing. This sweet tasting variety is perfect for use in juices, crumbles and jams. Equally at home grown in containers or the garden. Supplied garden ready, pot grown in 9cm liner pot.

Gooseberry "Hinnonmaki Green"


Reliably producing a bumper crop of larger than average green fruits, which have a sweet and aromatic flavour. Specifically bred for hardiness and disease resistance  The flavour is delicious and it comes highly recommended for both eating fully ripe straight from the bush, or for transforming into pies, jams, preserves or for freezing. Supplied garden ready in 9cm liner pots.

Redcurrant "Jonkheer Van Tet"


A low maintenance redcurrant plant that can be grown in most soil conditions. Bearing heavy crops of sweet tasting fruit from early July, perfect for jams and jellies. This plant has been bred to resist disease and produce large crops of juicy redcurrants early in the season. Supplied garden ready in 9cm liner pots.

Blackberry "Thornfree"


Its all in the name! A thorn-free blackberry plant that can be grown against a wall or trellis. The canes are totally thornless making them easy to train and prune, and ideal for children. This hardy variety produces large, shiny, flavoursome, juicy fruits from late August into September. This Blackberry plant has fairly pretty foliage that gives a good display of...

Raspberry "Polka"


A stout Raspberry with slightly thorny canes. Renowned for the exceptional quality and consistency of its fruit. The exceptionally large, succulent fruits have an intense aromatic flavour and will store well after picked. Supplied garden ready in 9cm liner pots.

Blackcurrant "Ben Lomond"


Ideal for small gardens and pots; compact with strong, upright growth, reaching a maximum height and spread of just 1.5m while still bearing a heavy late crop. Ben Lomond will give you a reliable crop of high quality, very large clusters of fruit on short strings for easy picking. The intense flavour is excellent, a balance of sharp and sweet....

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