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Chives 9cm Pot


One of the main reasons for growing chives is to harvest the edible leaves, which enhance the flavour of many savoury dishes. This vigorous plant also produces clusters of brilliant pink to purple or white, button-like summer flowers, which are also edible and look wonderful sprinkled over summer salads. It's perfect for a sunny, well-drained border or gravel garden. This...

Curry Plant


Admired for the beauty of its foliage, bright blooms and spicy fragrance, the curry plant (Helichrysum Italicum) is a small bushy evergreen shrub featuring a particularly attractive, fine, linear, silvery foliage with curry scented leaves. When placed along a walkway, the fragrance can be enticing. In midsummer, domed clusters of small, lemon yellow flowers are produced that are useful in...



The feathery foliage of this attractive fennel makes a handsome addition to the herb garden. This versatile hardy perennial herb has a multitude of culinary uses. Add the foliage to salads or use it to garnish fish dishes. Flavour soups, cakes and bread with the aromatic, aniseed tasting fennel seeds. Even the swollen bulbs of fennel can be used as...

Flat Leaf Parsley 9cm Pot


Flat Leaf Parsley is a good culinary variety, it has stronger flavour than the curled variety and generally preferred by chefs. Also, having flat leaves means the plants will survive through the winter better than curled varieties. Perfect in sauces or as a garnish. Supplied in 9cm pots

Hyssop Blue


Hyssop Blue is a hardy, evergreen perennial herb with aromatic flowers and foliage. This herb plant is the perfect addition to containers or pots, creating a stunning display of blue and purple. A great herb for attracting pollinators to your garden, bees love this variety. The Hyssop Blue is a member of the mint family, but can be used in...

Kitchen Bay


Kitchen Bay (laurus nobilis) is a well-known, culinary, semi-hardy evergreen shrub. An invaluable herb in the kitchen, the leaves can be added to numerous dishes and are amongst the main ingredients of bouquet garni. Bay is not fussy over soil types, but it is advisable to plant them away from biting winds to protect a new season's growth in a cold...