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Westland Potting Grit - 20kg


Washed and graded 4-7mm grit that improves drainage and opens up structure. Adds a decorative finish for pots, containers and rockeries and adds weight to pots and containers. Ideal for anchoring aquatic plants.

Horticultural Potting Grit - 1-5mm - 15kg


A high quality washed and graded Horticultural Grit with a particle range of 1mm to 5mm. Perfect for: Adding to pots to improve drainage and aeration Creating Alpine Gardens Adding to Compost to aid drainage Using as Decorative Mulch Natural, clean and additive free.Bag Size: 15kg

Westland Lawn and Turf Dressing - 25Ltr


This lawn and turf dressing is formulated to improve growth and drainage of your lawn. It increases nutrient levels, creating a thicker, healthier lawn. It can be used for conditioning and improving lawns. It is also ideal as a turf underlay.

Bulb Starter with Rootgrow™ 500g


From spring through to winter, bulbs offer all gardeners a wonderfull chance to brighten up their garden with a beautiful display of colourful and delicate flowers. Bulb Starter with rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi is the perfect way to get the absolute best from your bulbs as the product is biologically active, and it has been designed to promote strong healthy plants that...