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Aucuba Japonica Variegata 1 Ltr Pot

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Aucuba are dioecious evergreen shrubs with simple, leathery leaves, attractively variegated in many cultivars, and small purple flowers followed on female plants by large glossy red fruit. ‘Variegata’ is a a female cultivar with glossy leaves heavily spotted with creamy-yellow; small purple flowers may be followed by glossy bright red berries if a male clone is nearby. The plant’s fruit can cause a potential mild stomach upset so it is advised not to eat them. The plant is hardy at H5 and is perfect for the British climate, needing shelter in extreme cold conditions. The plant itself needs full shade or partial shade and full sunlight is not preferable. Follow the advice of pruning group 1 for maintaining this plant. The final height of this plant is between 1.5 m – 2.5 m (4.9 ft – 8.2 ft) and the final width is between 1.5 m – 2.5 m (4.9 ft – 8.2 ft)