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Godetia Double Azalea Mixed

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Godetia Double Azalea Mixed (Godetia whitneyi azaleaflora)

Beautiful large double and semi double flowers in a wonderful mix of colours. Can also be grown as a pot plant. Hardy annual.

Indoor Planting:

Pot plant - sow seeds 0.5cm deep in trays of moist compost, be careful not to over-water.

Growing On:

When the seedlings are strong enough to handle they can be transplanted into 5" (12cm) pots. Keep in a cool room.

Outdoor Planting:

Sow seeds 0.5cm deep in flowering location, thin to above spacings for flowering June - September.

Sow Indoors - Sept - October

Sow Outdoors - March-April

Spacing - 6" / 15cm

Flowering Height - 18" / 45cm

Flowers - June-September