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Lavender Blue Fragrance

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Lavender Blue Fragrance

Create a fragrant low hedge in your garden with this wonderful compact plant with lovely blue flowers. Hardy Perennial.

Indoor Planting (Feb - May)

Sprinkle seeds onto the surface of the soil in trays of moist compost and cover lightly, be careful not to over-water. Store in a warm place at approximate temperature of 16-18c.

Growing On

When the seedlings are strong enough to handle they can be transplanted into bigger pots or trays. Do not overcrowd the plants and keep in a warm, light position. Once all chance of frost has passed the plants can be transplanted direct into your desired location. Harden off first.

Outdoor Planting (April - July)

Sow seeds thinly and cover with soil direct in flowering location, thin to 12" spacings. If sown early enough this plant will flower in the first year.

Flowering Height



June - September