Thunbergia Arizona Glow - UCSFresh

Thunbergia Arizona Glow 9cm Pot

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  • This fast growing climber is often grown as an annual because it can scramble up a wall or obelisk in record time. It will add lashings of long-lasting summer colour, and it's a quick filler for the border, but if grown in a pot, it can be moved to a sheltered position when the temperatures drop - and then brought out again the following spring.

  • Garden care: Keep under glass where temperatures dip below 5C, only moving outside after the frosts have passed. A twining climber, it will need support, and it should be watered freely when in growth - and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser monthly.

Supplied as established plants in 9cm pots.

Deliveries Commence Late March to Early April 2022