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Christmas Garden Decor Ideas
Christmas decor ideas for gardens

Ideas on how to decorate your garden on a budget 

For those of you with green fingers, you probably started decorating your garden months ago for Christmas, ensuring that you still have a few flowering plants growing as the season gets colder. If the weather holds, you might have Dahlias, Begonias, and Chrysanthemums still providing a splash of colour. But for the rest of us, it might be easier to get some ‘other’ Christmas decorations, to give some zing, from the shops.

But the trick of the season is to get the maximum festive effect without putting too much pressure on the Christmas bonus. After all, you still have to get presents, food and add sparkle indoors. So how do you overflow the fun into the garden without starting the New Year in the red?

Light the Way for Santa 

You will be amazed how a few fairy lights can change your garden's whole atmosphere. Usually, the garden is dark and scary for kids at night, but with some hanging a few strings of light around, it transforms the whole space into a place of magic. Small trees and fruit trees provide the perfect framework without too much hassle. But bushes and the fence work well as substitutes. 

Red, White, and Gold 

Why limit your baubles to just inside? If it’s not too windy where you are, hang a few red, gold or white decorations outside as well. Place them in the bushes or on small hooks on your fence, where the wind won’t find them. 

If you are worried they might break, opt for a chain garland instead. These will provide a sparkle during the daytime that the fairy lights won't. Plus, they are chunky enough to withstand most weather and are hardier than the baubles. Bead chain garlands are like outdoor tinsel.

If you are really worried, then try your hand at origami. Bring the kids in to help. Simply buy a pack of holiday-coloured paper, or even leftover wrapping paper will work, and fold away! If they get damaged by the weather, don’t worry about it, you can just make more.

Displays of Snow 

Unfortunately, most regions of the UK are unlikely to get snow this year. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without the frosty windows. Add a little snow spray to your glass to provide the ambience. The great thing about snow spray is that it doesn’t only look good from the inside but from the outside as well. We all know that house with the lights on and the beautiful snowy-edged frames. That could be your place this year!

If you are feeling particularly creative, shuffle the snow spray around with a brush and try your hand at making snow spray art on your window. Outline snowmen or create simple geometric patterns to elevate the display. 

Five Doorbell Rings! 

If you want to add just a touch of Christmas cheer to your outdoor space, then it has to be the door. Your front door is the first place visitors, and passersby will look at. So why not just pop a bit of colour, a bit of seasonal jolly, and give some pizzazz

Traditionally you could go with a wreath, but they tend to be a bit on the pricey side. Another option is to buy the basic cane wreath and decorate it yourself. You could get the family in to help stick dried roses and holly into the wreath, and then just a dash of glitter glue to ‘wow’ it up. The alternative is to try your hand at creating your own wreath from scratch. 

Bendy young snipped branches from most trees will do the trick, and you can intertwine herbs into it as well, for a different twist and gorgeous smell. You can also forgo the wreath and rather dangle some hanging bells, as a festive trio on your door.

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays 

At the end of the day, Christmas is all about just relaxing, celebrating the end of the year, and being with loved ones, from your fur-baby cat, to your great aunt Beth who always smells like mints. Decorating is usually a family affair and a bonding experience for everyone to get into the spirit of the occasion. Even for your cat, who is going to love the tinsel, I guarantee it!

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