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A Big Thank You to all of you


WOW! To everyone who has supported us we can’t thank you all enough!

To all our new followers, as you may or may not know. We are typically a family run logistics company who had to adapt overnight to the current situation. As we work with lots of medical and food companies we are considered key workers so couldn’t close our business down. This had a huge impact on us because we suffered an 80% downturn in revenue overnight and were left with noΒ option but to lay off lots of our staff and drivers!

We decided to team up with a lifelong school friend who was suffering the same fate with his fruit and vegetable business after all the hotels and restaurants shut down.

We quickly had Berkshire and Surrey set for next day deliveries and then shortly after that we had enough work to re employ all our drivers and have now got a next day delivery network for the whole of London and the counties surrounding the M25.

Thanks to all of your continued support and generosity we have now been able to collaborate with some of our customers by adding their product lines to our store, which is also helping them in these difficult times we all find ourselves in! We have now also added lots and lots of products to hopefully replicate what you would buy in the supermarket, so you canΒ #STAYATHOMEΒ and you can rely on us getting you your items sharply!

We have no idea how long this will go on for, but we will be here delivering to youΒ  for as long as you need us!!

UCS team!!

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