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Gear up your garden for the festive season

gear up your Christmas garden

There is something special about the end of the year – and, as hard as it is to define, that specialness has something to do with the festive season. 

It may be the number of holidays after a year of hard work, it could be the Christmas spirit and cheer, or it is perhaps, the anticipated reunions of folks and family. 

While no family gathering is perfect, the feuds, quarrels, and bickering add to the overall memory – perfection is overrated, anyway. But, on the other hand, we cannot help but want to impress our visitors, whether they be regulars, annual holiday guests, or the blessing of a once-in-a-lifetime meeting. You know, that romantic other that you invite, and ten minutes in, you realise what a mistake it was to offer the invitation at all?

Preparing for the festive season, understandably, can be daunting. But, fear not, for we are here to assist – in our trademark way. And whilst there is much that you can do in your home, our gardening experts can turn your frost-bitten wasteland into a winter wonderland. 

It doesn’t take all that much, either. Particularly so when your neighbour has over-the-top colourful lighting with magical reindeers trotting across his lawn – spell out the word ‘ditto’ using lights of your own with an arrow pointing in the direction of that neighbour. 

For those of you who don’t have the peacocking neighbour, there are other methods to achieve success, and for that, we advise that you keep reading. 

Three Steps for Festive Success 

There are just three simple steps to ensure that your garden is geared up for the festive season, and they are: 

Step one: Lighting

Do not overdo your lighting. It may be possible that you become the peacocking neighbour, and unless you’re succumbing to the whims of a five-year-old, you may be seen as if you’re overcompensating for something. 

The rule of thumb here is to outline the objects that must stand out. It could be the shape of your home, along your gutters, around your porch, framing your doorway – the choice here is your own. Step out to the sidewalk and give your home a hard look. Note where it is that you’d like to draw your visitor’s attention and plan around that. You could use your lights to guide your guests to the front door, the back garden, or even the police station down the street. It is entirely up to you.

Step two: Real over artificial

There is just something cold about plastic and polyester. Perhaps it stands out more in the snowy season when we are desperate for some semblance of life, greenery, and warmth. 

It is why we opt for fresh-cut Christmas trees over weeks old variants, the smell of pine that fills the space, and the soft, almost velvety touch of the actual leaves on garlands and wreaths. 

We tend to have a bias towards living plants over artificial ones – and during our festive state, don’t we wish to acknowledge our preferences? 

In respect of this, always opt for real over artificial decorations for the festive season. Of course, you will be limited to a season’s lifespan per your freshly grown or purchased plants, wreaths, and flowers. However, we have it on good authority that once the season comes to an end, you can recycle your real decorations to add life, sparkle, and zest to your new garden by turning them into fertiliser. All you have to do is chop, toss, and dump into your compost bin. If you have yet to begin gardening at all, we highly recommend you read our other blogs. 

Step three: Recycle, innovate, captivate 

In step two, we mention turning décor to compost and mulch. Step three takes this idea even further. We always have your financial wellbeing in mind, and even though our prices are incredibly competitive, we always have tips on how you can save another buck. 

So, please take out your wheelbarrow and turn it into a sleigh. Next, dress doggy up as Rudolph and voila, you have a Santa theme mostly complete. The same does not work with cats, though, and if your mistletoe does not have any catnip, you’d be better suited dressing Mister Mittens up as the Grinch. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, have fun with it, and let your imagination run wild. If you want a warm and cosy season, then make use of the wonders of organic décor. If you're going to herd your guests effortlessly, whether to the fireplace or police station, use those lights to your advantage. Most importantly, the festive season is one of gifts and giving, celebration and acceptance. Waste not, want not – recycle, reuse, regift. 

We can provide you with all the fresh plants, gifts, and so much more that you may require, including freshly cut Christmas trees. You can rest assured that we have you covered there. So, visit us at UCS Fresh 

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