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Liven up the neighbourhood by seed swapping with your neighbours

Seed swapping

Have you ever walked past a garden in your neighbourhood and wished you had a velvety lawn like theirs? Or perhaps, on a drive home, notice that your gaze tore from the road by a magnificent bloom of colour peeking over a wall when the dreary winter season felt like it was taking forever? We’ve been there, and chances are, so have you. 

While the grass always seems greener on the other side, we have news for you. You can get the same results for the low, low price of only… just kidding, we’re not pitching a sale here. You can check out our products page for that. Instead, we have another method that can help you with your neck-craning neighbourhood envy. 

It’s called a neighbourhood seed swap. 

What is this neighbourhood seed swap? 

It’s as the name suggests. You swap seeds with your neighbours. However, unlike the ease in the name, this process takes cunning, finesse, and some level of commitment to get right – on top of that, while it may be right up the alley for the extroverts, introverts by nature, may find a seed swap to be a form of punishment, as unfortunately, there is a degree of socialising required here.

Not to say that you can’t achieve results by popping some seeds in an envelope and leaving it in your neighbour's box to find – that method indeed works. But your return on your investment may be a shortfall. You may not have the opportunity to choose the types of seeds you want. And let’s face it, you’re doing this so that next season, it is your garden that invokes that neighbourhood envy.

A foolproof guide for a successful seed swapping mission 

This step-by-step guide can ensure that you receive a proper return. So let’s begin, shall we? 

Step 1: Bake some treats 

Nothing, and we mean nothing, beats a good cookie when it comes to one’s afternoon tea. For the sweet-tooth, then cake also works. So get baking as this will be fundamental to your masterplan. 

Step 2: Do your admin 

Create your roadmap, know your main targets (keep your best treats for them), print out your request, and include it in your basket of goodies. 

The printed request is in the case of the introverts we mentioned above. It is for the neighbours who aren’t home or just won’t answer their door. It is for the avoiders, the apprehensive, the cautious – and in this day and age, there’s nothing wrong with a little extra safety and security. 

Step 3: Create a database  

Part of this endeavour includes you getting to know your neighbours. Find out what you can about each of them. The usuals make a massive difference. Know their names, their professions, their hobbies – basic info only, please. No stalking here - we don’t have the time, and isn’t stalking a crime? 

Step 4: Remember your neighbour’s names 

Remember your neighbour’s names. Should we say it again? Names are the first point of contact. Remember them as you remember ours. Come on, say it. UCS Fresh. Great, you’re ready. 

Step 5: Peek over the right wall 

Peeking over a neighbour’s wall isn’t polite. You should know this. Be sure only to peek over fences that are hip-high or lower. Don’t exactly peek; just glance casually. Don’t allow for suspicion. 

Step 6: Donate 

Once the request for a seed swap is out there, you will find that, as the organiser, you will receive more seeds than you’ll need. Either that or you’ll receive seeds of plants that you already have. You may be tempted to turn these extra ones into bird feed, but we implore you – don’t do that. Instead, donate the seeds to a garden that needs them more than you do. You have an entire database on hand, so why not create a community project and liven up the local orphanage, school, fire station – they certainly have enough water to keep the plants thriving. 

The trick is to have some fun 

No matter how you organise your local neighbourhood seed swap, the trick is to enjoy yourself. It is about more than growing the right flowers in the right season. It is about creating relationships between people, building bridges, nurturing social love. 

If there’s anything that the world needs even more right now, it is that: love. 

We love it when communities and neighbourhoods come together. And if you’re looking for a bunch of quality seeds to get your seed swap started, then look no further than us. You can contact us here for more. 

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