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The Joys of a Real Christmas with a Real Tree

A real Christmas Tree

It is said that humankind, with enough time and resources, can copy anything. Obviously, that saying is wrong because the first artificial Christmas tree, developed in Germany way back in the 19th century, was a combination of dye and goose feathers. Not much has changed since then, and the fake Christmas trees of today still smell wrong. It could be the plastic that is now used, the dye, or even the choice of feathers, and while we aren’t ones to judge from which area of the bird those feathers were plucked, little is left to the imagination. 

Mother Nature, in all her glory, creates everything much better than we ever could. We see this in the varying leaves within our gardens, the colourful hues of our spring-flowering bulbs, and the awe-inspiring seasonal changes that occur annually  – nature crafts beauty and function simultaneously.

We all remember the story of Pinocchio, and even the expert craftsman Geppetto, with love in his heart and skill in his hand, still fell short of turning our favourite wooden character into a real boy. And, if we were cursed with Pinocchio’s power, we can rest assured that our noses won’t grow when we state with complete conviction that there is no substitute for a real Christmas tree.

Whether by the feel of bark, the smell of pine, or even the scattered needles, nothing represents the festive season like a freshly cut Fraser or Nordmann.

The most significant advantage of real Christmas trees is that, well, they look real because they are real. No two trees are identical – and you can be sure that your tree is as unique as they come.

Of course, there are cons to having a real tree, from the size differences to the needles that you find everywhere – however, unlike their plastic counterparts, every part of your Christmas tree can be recycled by shredding it into mulch. And, as followers of our blog know just how much we love gardening, that is reason enough to opt for real over fake.

There was a time when harvesting fresh Christmas trees was terrible for the environment as deforestation got out of hand. Today, however, if you know our suppliers, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your real Christmas tree is great for the environment. You see, every tree that is cut is replaced with a new sapling each year, thus ensuring that deforestation is combatted quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, you can also grow your own tree - of course, this does take some preparation, patience, and a green thumb. You may want to consider pot-grown trees as well, as these trees come with the added benefit of being mobile without being messy. Most importantly, though, a potted tree is still growing and will remain with you for as long as your memory serves - longer still if you, after a few growing seasons, plant it out back and nurture it to full growth. 

Many Christmas tales will begin with that tree, the very same one that now plays homage to birds of varying feathers - fluffy, woodland creatures, and perhaps, even a bit of your childhood, from makeshift swings to treehouses, the possibilities are endless. 

A real Christmas tree is the quintessential festive experience, which not only provides branches of happiness, a trunk full of joy, and an entire green and natural canvas to decorate as per your whims and fancy.

The best part is that you can order your Christmas tree online through us, and we will have it cut, ready and delivered to you in the week of your choosing. And, if you wish to capture Christmas without cutting any trees, then you can order a pot-grown or potted tree right from us. It all begins with picking the perfect tree for you. 

Click here to read a little more about picking the perfect tree, and click here to order one.

USC Fresh your actual Christmas Tree supplier, and more. 

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