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Ornamental Garden:
  • Continue to deadhead herbaceous perennials and roses as flowers go over.
  • Remove weeds where necessary.
  • Continue to edge borders.
  • Cutback oriental poppies once flowered.
  • Deadhead Roses.
  • Trim evergreen hedges.
  • Turn compost heaps.
  • Cut back spent flowers of climbing hydrangea.
  • Feed dahlias/cannas etc.
  • Take cuttings of clematis.
  • Sow biennials.

Vegetable Garden:

  • Thin dessert and cooking apples.
  • Sow spring cabbages and plant out winter cabbages.
  • Water courgettes consistently to encourage a good crop.
  • Mulch long term crops like brassicas.
  • Water fruit trees and bushes.
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