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A notice to all of our valued customers

A notice to all of our valued customers.


A lot has happened in the 6 weeks or so since the government advised that the country had to go into lockdown to fight the Covid-19 infection rate. The immediate uncertainty that created, along with increased pressure put on the supermarket supply and delivery systems resulted in people worrying about where they would be able to obtain their necessary supplies. We hope that we have helped to reduce the uncertainty to a degree for you all during this time.


Over time it appears that we have all got a little more familiar with what we need to do, and the supermarkets have slowly increased the amount of home deliveries that they are able to make. Although the home delivery system they provide is operational, it still is far from perfect. You have to constantly be checking websites to see if a delivery is available to you in your area. The whole system is still a bit “hit and miss”.


During all of this we have tried to maintain a next day delivery service on the produce we provide, however due to decreasing sales and increasing costs we have calculated that if we are to continue to offer a doorstep delivery service we will have to make it both more efficient and less costly.


In order to achieve this, we have made the decision albeit reluctantly to operate a structured delivery schedule. This schedule will enable us to continue delivering to the homes of the vulnerable that have relied on us for the past few weeks with a schedule that can be relied upon and does not require constant visits to websites to check availability.


Every area we cover will have 2 delivery days per week, this will ensure that weekend groceries are always received for the weekend and the option for back up purchases is there during the week if the need arises. No booking system needs to be checked or completed, providing the order is placed by 18:00 hrs the day prior to the scheduled delivery, your delivery will be made.


These necessary changes will give you continued certainty that your delivery will be made and when it will happen, it will also allow us to reduce our overheads and pass on the savings we make to you.


We thank you all for your continued support and hope that by all of us working together, staying safe and following the guidelines set us, we will be through this difficult period sooner rather than later.

A full delivery schedule will be posted here and further information can be obtained by visiting our website and talking to a customer service representative through our live chat.

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Gill Wilson
May 06, 2020

I haven’t seen any improvement in availability of the large supermarket delivery slots, so the longer you can keep going the better. Great food and service, thanks very much.

Yvonne Wood
May 04, 2020

Well done guys, especially now that Tesco seem to have limited their 3 week advance booking to the very needy like the other supermarkets. Keep up the excellent work. You deserve all your success. X

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