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Fresh produce Wholesale prices

Wholesale Prices


It would appear that with the increase in competition and the fact that the supermarkets have started to get their act together regarding home deliveries that the wholesale market is at last starting to react.


It would appear that when there was a shortage of fresh produce in the wholesale supply chain, prices were inflated to cover any fluctuation in costs that they may have had to absorb.


We have addressed the high wholesale cost of produce with our suppliers and they have accepted that the marketplace is more settled than it was a few weeks ago. They have also accepted that with that being the case the risk of short-term price increases due to shortages is now reduced.


The result of all this is now our suppliers have reduced the cost of many of the fresh items that they supply, and we can pass those savings on to you. The only proviso is that with the wholesalers accepting reduced margins they have insisted that any fluctuation in price will be charged on accordingly and without delay.


In order to achieve the discounted rates, we have to agree to these increases in price as and when they happen, this will mean that the prices we charge for fresh produce could fluctuate on a more regular basis. However, we feel that the end result regardless of any fluctuation will be savings for you.


We have reduced in price many of the fresh items on the store and more savings will follow.


We will continue to negotiate on your behalf to bring you the produce in the most cost-effective way.


Keep checking the store for further details

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