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Our Top 8 Gifts for Gardening Enthusiasts

gifts for garden enthusiasts

With the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the marking of Thank You Day, and Father’s Day, there’ve been plenty of gift-giving opportunities of late. However birthdays, wedding showers, anniversaries and other special days continue to provide the perfect time to surprise the garden enthusiasts in your life with a green, life-giving gift they’ll love.

‘Tis the season of summer celebrations all round, with many communities and families simply happy come together in the form of gatherings in the park, street parties, garden parties, tea parties and barbeques. It’s also a time of thanks to all those who provided support during some very tough times in the last few years. 

These are our Top 8 Gardening Gifts representing fresh starts and renewed growth:

1. SeedCell® Gift Boxes

This summer, many families and neighbours may already have kickstarted gardening projects to enjoy. These SeedCell® Gift Boxes will help take it up a notch. Growing edible plants doesn't get any easier!
Made from certified compostable materials, these plantable pods of seeds are peat-free and 100% biodegradable. Simply push the pods into the soil and then water them.
There are four versions of these award-winning kits:

SeedCell® Pizza Toppings Gift Box – Basil, tomato, rocket and bell pepper seeds.
SeedCell® Vegetable Patch Gift Box – Pumpkin, broccoli, courgette and squash seeds. 
SeedCell® Salad Patch Gift Box  – Cucumber, tomato, rocket and lettuce seeds.
SeedCell® Herb Garden Gift Box – Basil, coriander, parsley and rocket seeds.
A note that you can top up with SeedCell® Singles  – Simply select the variety and quantity of each that you require.

2. An indoor superfood garden

The Heimgart Microgreen Starter Kit features an elegant and compact porcelain sprouting bowl and is sure to cultivate a conversation.
It's a kitchen garden that creates culinary delights with minimal effort, right on the window sill. Water it only once, and with no soil whatsoever, the first shoots begin to sprout in just a few days.
There's guaranteed to be something for every taste with varieties like rocket, garden cress, broccoli, mustard, red cabbage, and radish. Once the green goodness is harvested, it’s time to pop the bowl in the dishwasher and insert a new seed pad. 

3. A trio of organic aromatic herbs

Most gardeners start their own seeds. It saves a lot of money, and you can control how your plants are grown all the way through the process. This trio of organic aromatic herbs includes three natural zinc pot plants on a tray, nine coconut earth pellets and three bags of seed. The harvest? Three essentials for cooking: Common Chives, Grand Vert Basil and Flat Leaf Parsley. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

4. House Plants

Besides adding greenery inside the home, house plants have several health benefits. Make your selection.

5. Herb Plants

For culinary creatives, it's the perfect time to craft tasty dishes together, using freshly-harvested herbs from the garden. Find both popular and less common herb plants in our collection. Just arrived at UCS Fresh Garden: A wonderful addition to a warm and sunny patio or herb garden, the foliage of Sage Blackcurrant will release a strong pineapple-like scent each time it is brushed past or gently touched. Not only do the leaves smell great, but they are also edible, and they can be used to jazz up summer drinks or salads - and in late summer, you have the added bonus of showy clusters of bright scarlet flowers to enjoy

6. House Plant Pot Covers

Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Bull Finches, Robins, Rabbits and Hedgehogs. Brighten up a workspace or bedside table with these print textile planters to add a pop of colour and character to those otherwise dreary plastic plant pots!
Perfect for house plants, succulents, cacti and herbs. The covers are digitally-printed cotton, lined with a waterproof fabric well-suited to catching stray droplets. Purchase online. 

7. Plant Holders

For a modern touch, these stylish plant pots will look super smart in the home or office: The Peg Wall Planter has an oak dowel that hangs a plant pot by a leather strap. They look great as singles and displayed in groups. For herbs and draping plants, these wall planters come with sleek white ceramic pots.
Ultra unique are these “By WOOM” plant holders that can be used in two ways. You can drop your pot in it, but if you turn the holder over, you can also put the pot on top of it. Available in two sizes: Small
and Large.

8. Pre-selected Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

A great gift for those on the go who enjoy cooking! A pre-selected variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, in different sizes and produce selections, supplied at an interval of their choosing. Browse all the options here: 

There’s never a wrong time to spoil yourself, so take the opportunity to find something you love that’ll bring you joy in your kitchen, home and garden!

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